Research Intelligence

We see the Uncommon

NotYetKnown develops insights that challenge the boundaries of current thinking. We do this by undertaking targeted research and translating the results into imaginative alternate outcomes.

The Proof you need

NotYetKnown extracts and analyses information to identify the big picture factors. We call this “actionable data”. It gives our clients critical evidence to support the business case and provide confidence to progress innovative solutions.

Insight becomes Foresight

An understanding of the yesterday and today is pivotal to determine a better tomorrow, but the real magic occurs when we project trends forward to envision a different future for our clients.

Creative & Strategic Thinking

Think outside your industry

It’s no longer enough to employ the best in your vertical. We have all seen how new eyes can solve old problems. Apple disrupted music, Uber did the same to transport. We know people who know about stuff you’ve never even considered: An affiliate network of open minds.

1 + 1 = 3

Give two separate things to most of the world and they just see those things. But some people see a third thing made up of elements of both the others. This is creative thinking, and it drives innovation and, ultimately, the continued existence of each and every business.

Translating the 3 back into the 2

Most clients are 1+1 =2 people, and so we explain how the uncommon has emerged, and what implications it might have for their scenario.

Implementation Pathways

Processes and frameworks

NotYetKnown is outcome-driven – assisting clients to clarify what needs doing and make sure it’s actionable. We do this by showing them the pathway and the first steps that might be required.

Understanding and consensus

NotYetKnown is experienced at facilitating collective sessions that bring people together to generate common purpose, break through silo thinking, and establish collective priorities and consensus.

Fail fast, fail safe

NotYetKnown believes in the prototyping of ideas, so that clients are able to predict performance prior to implementation.